Dr Ken Nordberg on Deer Hunting

A hunter's sunset.

Welcome to Dr. Ken Nordberg’s new blog. This blog will cover white-tailed deer hunting and black bear hunting. For year’s Doc has had a website at:


Doc has posted many short, medium, and long-form articles on the Article Archive of his website:

Doc’s Article Archive

Because of this, Doc will not be posting long articles here.

Doc will be answering short questions on his Twitter account:

He will be answering brief questions, and addressing short topics here at this blog.


Winner of the 2017 Stalker Award

One thought on “Dr Ken Nordberg on Deer Hunting

  1. Years ago when I started black bear hunting I found your instructions on how to field dress a black bear and was lucky enough to put those instructions to good use a few times. Perfectly illustrated and detailed I thank you
    Now I would like to pass that on to the younger Ladds in the group but I can’t find them anymore
    Could you please direct me to where I could find them?


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