Productive Scouting — Part I

Step one: heed this basic whitetail scouting truth — freshly made signs such as tracks or droppings made by undisturbed, unseen whitetails yield far greater hunting success than sightings of bounding (greatly alarmed) deer. Most deer seen while scouting are alarmed deer. All you will learn from sightings of them is, greatly alarmed whitetails bound away. Later you may also learn bounding deer do not return to their home ranges soon, especially older bucks. You will be much more successful during hunting seasons if you see no deer while scouting. If you do it right, most deer will remain unseen while you are scouting, being able to easily keep out of sight without becoming greatly alarmed. When not greatly alarmed, your scouting will not seriously affect their habits and behavior during following hunting seasons. Given time, all will then be in their home ranges opening morning, doing predictable things in predictable places during predictable hours.

Before stepping into the woods to scout therefore, plan to make it easy for whitetails ahead to hear, smell and/or see you coming so they have adequate time move out of your path without great haste while still what they consider to be a safe distance away. Don’t try to scout (walk about) without making telltale sounds. Instead, feel free to talk out loud and don’t concern yourself with snapping branches or wind direction. The time for that only begins opening day.

Keep in mind too, whitetails 2-1/2 years of age or older (especially older bucks) that are commonly seen feeding a great distance away in farm fields, clearcuts or food (bait) plots, for example, will likely be seen by many other hunters who will also plan to hunt them. Following minutes before or after sunrise opening morning, competing hunters will be almost certain to convince those deer it would be advisable to feed in such an area only at night only or abandon it altogether for the rest of the hunting season. Don’t waste valuable time or effort preparing to hunt commonly sighted deer unless they are on private land and you have an exclusive right to hunt them.

Doc’s New Whitetail Tracks Guidebook

Dr. Ken Nordberg’s NEW 2016 Pocket Guidebook to WHITETAIL TRACKS Fall & Winter is evolved from 45 years of dedicated, hunting-related research with wild deer and 70 years of very successful deer (buck) hunting. Every serious whitetail hunter should own this inexpensive ($4.99) book because it is extremely valuable, its 84 pages introducing the following extensive list of amazing innovations guaranteed to greatly improve success wherever whitetails are hunted.

  • Accurately identify all unseen whitetail deer in your hunting area via their track lengths (first introduced by Dr. Nordberg in the early 1980s in outdoor magazine articles and hunting seminars).
  • Key on one or more classes of whitetails — fawns, yearling does or bucks, does 2-1/2 years of age or older, bucks 2-1/2 years of age or trophy-class bucks 3-1/2 to 6-1/2 years of age.
  • Instantly recognize hunting values of whitetail tracks and track formations.
  • Recognize where, when and how to stand hunt next based on information provided by tracks throughout the 4 month period of rut-related activities beginning in September.
  • Take quick and skillful advantage of promising information provided by tracks.
  • Avoid wasting time where odds of hunting success are poor.
  • Keep whitetails from abandoning their ranges and/or becoming nocturnal during hunting seasons.
  • Become skilled at taking unsuspecting deer, standing or moving slowly, within easy shooting range.
  • Keep close to unsuspecting deer every day or half-day you hunt.

This ebook can now be downloaded in 2 versions. One is designed for Apple’s iBooks software. The second is designed for Amazon’s Kindle software.

Doc used Apple’s iBooks Author software to develop the iBooks version. This provides many advantages, for example, a better quality of typesetting. The Apple ibook version can be downloaded onto computers compatible with Apple’s iBook software. That includes PCs, Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Think of that! You can carry this version into the woods on your phone for quick and easy reference while scouting and hunting. The iBooks  ebook version can be found here.

The Amazon ebook version is now available. This version contains almost exactly the same text, graphics and photos as the iBooks version. However, because the typesetting for this version was much more difficult there are a few, very minor differences. This version can be read with any device compatible with the free Kindle app. That includes: PC, Macs, Kindles, iPads, and almost every type of smart phone.

We will continue to tweak both versions in order to make them better. Keep in mind, with both the iBooks version, and the Kindle version, when changes are made, people that purchase them now will be able to download the updated versions in the future.

Next, Doc has plans to publish a printed version of this GuideBook — a 4″ x 6″ pocket-sized paperback. Watch for announcements about when the printed version becomes available in Midwest Outdoors Magazine, on Twitter, on this blog and at Dr. Ken Nordberg’s encyclopedia-like website: Ordering information for all versions will be found on this website.

Also watch for announcements about when Dr. Nordberg’s long-awaited 10th Edition of Whitetail Hunters Almanac becomes available (text now completed), a huge 500-plus-page Apple ibook with more than 500 illustrative color photos and interactive videos evolved from Dr. Nordberg’s past 16 years of ongoing hunting-related research with wild deer from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Texas. Like all nine previous editions which many thousands of hunters have long considered to be “Deer Hunting Bibles,” this new book is also loaded with new hunting tips and an introduction to another new, well-tested hunting method, actually the best (most productive) method ever for taking otherwise seldom seen mature bucks and older does. An Amazon ibook and a paperback version are also planned for this book. Don’t miss buying the printed version when it becomes available, it likely to sell out fast. Like all other out-of-print Whitetail Hunters Almanacs today, its resale value will increase 25-fold or more.