Welcome to Dr. Ken Nordberg’s new blog on Deer Hunting & Black Bear Hunting

Hello, my name is John Nordberg. I am Dr. Ken Nordberg’s oldest son.

If you are a deer hunter, or a black bear hunter, chances are, you know who my father is.

Dr. Ken Nordberg with a nice buck.

He is very famous for creating the Modern Era of Whitetail Deer Hunting. He is also very famous for creating a completely new method for hunting black bears. He is the author of approximately 1,000 hunting articles, and many best selling books on hunting.

If you are a young hunter, you may not know who my father is. He is semi-retired and has not done hunting shows for approximately 15 years. (He still writes for Midwest Outdoors.)

At this time, I am helping my father set up some new social media platforms. I created a very popular website for him many years ago.


However, my father has never used blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media platforms. When I have him setup, he will answer short questions on Twitter and longer questions here. Over the last 30 years, he has published many longer articles (again, about 1,000), and I am republishing them on his website in his Article Archive.

If you are interested, he has a wide variety of books and DVDs for sale. (Be sure you get a set of his Sign Guides.) Just go to his website and look over the information.

Keep in mind, Dr Ken Nordberg:

  • started the practice of using tree stands
  • taught hunters how to make tree stands (this was before commercial stands came out)
  • taught hunters the tactics of using tree stands
  • through his biological studies, defined and taught deer hunters about the Five Stages of the Rut (Five Phases of the Rut)
  • through his biological studies, taught hunters how to identify the class of a whitetail via the size of its tracks, droppings, scrapes, antler rubs, beds and other factors
  • taught hunters how to hunting using portable backpack stools
  • taught hunters about the Gentle Nudge method of drives
  • taught hunters how to hunt like a timberwolf
  • inventing the method of hunting black bears using tree stands over a bait crib & positioning bait
  • and much, much more.

If you want be a successful buck hunter, or a successful black bear hunter, then you will want to learn as much as you can about Dr. Ken Nordberg’s knowledge. If you are already a good hunter, but would like to get more bucks, bigger bucks, more consistently then you will love Dr Ken Nordberg’s hunting knowledge, and hunting logic. If you are a black bear hunter, a black bear hunting guide, you will need to learn about Doc’s technique. Unless you use a trained team of hounds, there is no better technique for hunting black bears. (His latest bear book, Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, Third Edition, is a masterpiece. It is an Apple ebook with integrated video.)

Anyhow, that is enough for this post. As always, my father and I close with,

Thank you!

Good luck hunting,

John Nordberg

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