Dominant Buck Characteristics

How to identify a dominant breeding buck. (From mid-October until late November.) Here is a nice a photo that shows some of the characteristics of a dominant breeding buck.

  • Obviously, superior antlers.
  • Greatly enlarged neck.
  • Scalp musk seeping down both sides of the buck’s neck.
  • When the syrupy scalp musk flows down onto the sides of the neck, the fur will typically become striated as shown here.
  • Rumpled fur. The body fur has an unkempt appearance.
  • Enlarged tarsal glands inside of hind legs.
  • Arched tail.
  • Stiff legs. Buck walks stiffly with arched tail, when in the company of other deer
  • If other bucks are in view, his ears will be back like this buck’s ears are — or cupped downward — indicating he his ire is up. He is a dangerous animal to other bucks when he looks like this.

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(This is my first official post to my new blog.)

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