Bucks bedding together

From roughly mid November to early December — during Rut Phase IV, The Recovery Phase — bucks that had been battling each other during Rut Phases II & III are now OK with being around each other. They are tired, need some rest, and like to be with other bucks for added protection from predators.

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Welcome to Dr. Ken Nordberg’s new blog on Deer Hunting & Black Bear Hunting

Hello, my name is John Nordberg. I am Dr. Ken Nordberg’s oldest son.

If you are a deer hunter, or a black bear hunter, chances are, you know who my father is.

Dr. Ken Nordberg with a nice buck.

He is very famous for creating the Modern Era of Whitetail Deer Hunting. He is also very famous for creating a completely new method for hunting black bears. He is the author of approximately 1,000 hunting articles, and many best selling books on hunting.

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