Why My Hunting Partners and I Scout During Hunting Seasons

Most stand hunters see few mature bucks because they do not realize how quickly such deer discover and identify stand hunters and thereafter avoid them. Most stand hunters therefore end up wasting a lot of hunting time where the odds of seeing such a deer have become practically zero. Beginning at 11 AM on day three of a hunting season, my sons, grandsons and I no longer depend on stand sites selected before a hunting season begins to keep us close to mature bucks. From that time on, we keep close to mature bucks by stand hunting only near very fresh tracks and/or droppings (sometimes freshly renewed ground scrapes) of unalarmed bucks at two different sites daily, one in the morning and a different one in the afternoon and evening. Such sites are found via daily scouting, primarily along stand trails or other trails (all originally made by deer) selected for that purpose between 11 AM and noon. When there is no snow on the ground and the the ground is dry and hard, making tracks difficult to discern (like last November), we key on very fresh droppings made by unalarmed does, hoping to end up near one in heat accompanied by a buck, which eventually happens.

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