Do-It-Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting, 4th Edition

I am pleased to announce I have finished updating my father’s latest bear book.

Doc’s 3rd Edition came out September 10th, 2014. It has a cover that looks like this:


The 3rd & 4th Editions have the same text, the same great information. The 3rd Edition ($19.99) has color photos and HD video clips built in. It is sold through Apple here:

The 4th Edition ($9.99) is smaller in file size and designed to be viewed on greyscale Kindle devices. It has small greyscale photos — no color photos, no video clips — they are not compatible with the Kindle devices. It is sold through Amazon here:

To make up for the lack of color photos and HD video clips, I have made a separate DVD.

  • So, if you purchase the 3rd Edition, everything is in one ebook.  (Because it contains large color photos & HD video this iBook/ebook is large.)
  • If you purchase the 4th Edition, you will also need to (should) purchase the separate DVD. (Because the Kindle ebook 4 inch black and white photos and graphics this ebook is small.)
  • If you own one of Doc’s first two bear books — the 1st or 2nd edition — then you might wish to purchase this new DVD. If you already own Doc’s 3rd Edition, you do NOT need to get this new DVD.

The 4th Edition DVD can be purchased here

Bear eBook DVD

If you know anybody that will be bear hunting this year, be sure you mention this to them. Thank you, John Nordberg

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