No Buck Hunting Paradise

The public land in which my three sons and I hunt mature bucks only is no buck hunting paradise. Most of it is a rugged 1-3 mile hike on foot from the nearest road. Since they were declared “endangered” nearly fifty years ago, one of America’s largest population of gray wolves has been eating venison (and moose) there year around (3 of 4 fawns annually). American Natives have also been hunting deer there 24/7 four months annually without limit for many years. Long and severe winters with deep snows have greatly reduced deer numbers there several times. Since 1999. dee numbers there have never exceeded 6–11 per square mile in November. As might be imagined, mature whitetails that survive there are very difficult to hunt. We do not take antlerless deer (and rarely yearling bucks) to help maintain and restore overall deer numbers. We thus only hunt the most elusive of whitetails anywhere, bucks 3-1/2 to 6-1/2 (0ne rare 7-1/2) years of age (we do take some 2-1/2 year-olds late in hunting seasons). My long highly regarded 55 years of year-round, scientific, hunting-related research with wild deer over much of America and my subsequent development of six new fair chase, mature-buck-effective hunting methods enabled my three sons and I to take 98 mature bucks in this area (four bucks being our annual, self-limited quota) since 1990. That’s great buck hunting under the most challenging of circumstances. My latest Whitetail Hunters Almanac, 10th Edition explains in detail exactly how we do it. Check out this revolutionary new book about whitetails and whitetail hunting and how to receive an autographed copy of your own along with a valuable free bonus on my website: You will be forever glad you did.

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