Mature Whitetails Never Stop Changing Ways to Avoid Hunters


[From Dr. Nordberg’s new Whitetail Hunters Almanac, 10th Edition]

Knowing mature bucks inhabit your hunting area will not automatically make you regularly successful at taking mature bucks. I have hunted whitetails for 73 years (as of 2017), mature bucks only for 46. I’ve done more hunting-related research with wild deer than anyone, beginning 1960s and developed and refined more new and better ways to hunt whitetails, especially mature bucks, than anyone, but still don’t know everything about whitetails and whitetail hunting and probably never will. As my ongoing studies have never ceased to prove, the reason you and I can’t know everything about them is because whitetails keep changing. Our mature whitetails today are not the same deer Americans hunted only 30–50 years ago. Today, bucks and does 2-1/2 years of age or older are smarter. They’re more elusive. They have excellent memories. They’re less vulnerable to hunters using old, traditional hunting methods, now including tree stand hunting. They are not even close to being as vulnerable as they were to doe-in-heat type buck lures, grunt calls, rattling antlers as they were in the 1980s. If you are still using any hunting method or hunting aid that was popular 25–50 years ago, you should expect to see few older bucks today.

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