Advice for Deer Baiters Determined to Take a Mature Buck

Be at your opening morning stand site at the crack of dawn. Avoid alarming all deer there. Unalarmed does, yearlings and fawns (like those pictured above) are the very best of mature buck decoys. Your best odds for taking a mature buck at your bait plot, bait pile or electronic bait feeder will occur during the first 1–30 hours of the hunting season, unless you have been regularly laying down fresh trail scent there (which mature whitetails can identify during the following four days) while anxiously checking your trail cam and/or bait, in which case the damage may have already been done. If you don’t take a mature buck during those first 1–30 hours, your odds for success at that site will thereafter be slim because by noon on day two it is almost certain all whitetails living within a half mile that have survived two or more hunting seasons will have discovered you with or without your knowledge, after which mature bucks especially, the most elusive of whitetails, will subsequently avoid your bait during daylight hours throughout the rest of the hunting season. You will then have three viable options: 1) settle for a mature doe, fawn or yearling, 2) move to an unused bait plot, bait pile or electronic bait feeder 100 yards or more away and begin the above cycle anew, but with lesser odds for success  because by then all mature bucks will realize they are again being hunted by humans and will thus be taking the precations that enabled them to survive previous hunting seasons, or 3) try mature-buck-effective deer hunting.

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