A Teacher’s Greatest Rewards

My most important work as an outdoor writer, I have long insisted, is to teach other deer hunters to be more successful at hunting whitetails, especially older bucks, seldom seen by hunters using today’s popular hunting methods. To do this, beginning back in the early 1960s, I spent the next 55 years learning all I could about wild whitetails, conclusions all based on what 80-90% of thousands of the five different behavioral classes of whitetails — fawns, yearlings, mature does, 2-1/2 year-old bucks and 3-12 to 6-1/2 year-old breeding and non-breeding bucks — did in the wilds all over America under similar circumstances over periods of ten years or more — the only way I know to establish truths about whitetails and create more productive ways to hunt them. This made much of what I write and teach seem quite different from what others teach and write about whitetails and whitetail hunting, I know, but that’s because no one I know of has been doing the kind of scientifically-based research I’ve been doing throughout the past half-century. I’m still at it at age 83. Why? Well, because it’s fun, a lot like whitetail hunting and my determination to do this work honestly makes it truthful and somthing to be proud of, but mostly because I have often been given a teacher’s greatest reward for doing it, like the following email I received only a week ago.

Ken, your Whitetail Hunters Almanac Second Edition taught me so much. I’ve given it to at least half a dozen friends to read. I see evidence every year of what you taught in that book. You were ahead of your time for hunting from elevated tree stands. Thank you for taking the time to do it. I’ve had years of great memories and a wall full of racks.

That book, published in 1990, was special to me. What I wrote in it made me the first person ever to accurately describe the whitetail rut. That $6.95 book, out of print for many years, now regularly sells for $250.00 – $1000.00 on ebay. The knowledge presented in it is not lost forever, however. Along with six new mature-buck-effective hunting methods, it is now also found in my new Whitetail Hunters Almanac, 10th Edition (learn more about this new 10th Edition in my store in http://www.drnordbergondeerhunting.com).

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