No. 2 Best Tip for Whitetail Hunting Today

Stand hunt only within easy shooting distance of very fresh tracks and/or droppings made by unalarmed whitetails (not trotting or bounding), especially those located in or adjacent to feeding areas. Why feeding areas? Because whitetails are most visible and most predictable time-wise and location-wise during hours they feed. All deer trails funnel down to feeding areas. Fresh tracks and droppings reveal locations of sites and trails being used by whitetails today—earlier, right now, later or tomorrow morning. Don’t count on seeing mature whitetails after you have stand hunted three consecutive feeding periods or more near any site or trail previously frequented by whitetails. To keep close to whitetails every day you hunt, move to a new stand site 100 yards or more away near very fresh tracks and or droppings every day or two. To key on mature bucks, key on fresh tracks and droppings made by mature bucks,



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