America’s White-tailed Deer Need More Bona Fide Hunters

“Deer hunting” is defined as “the practice of taking deer.” One step up, “mature-buck hunting” is defined as “the practice of taking mature bucks.” This fall, are you going to again settle for failing to be a deer or buck hunter? That’s a shame because nowadays, America’s white-tailed deer almost everywhere, including seldom seen and normally wasted mature bucks, truly need more bona fide deer or buck hunters to keep them from being overabundant in winter, then suffering the cruelest fate of all, slowly dying from starvation because there isn’t enough natural food anywhere to feed overabundant deer in winter. It’s not the fault of state deer managers. If you are unable to regularly do your part to help keep the consequences of overabundance from recurring, it’s your fault. It’s your fault because you failed again to make an effort to become skilled and knowledgeable enough to more regularly take deer.

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